WorkShop Season Off to a Bang with Daughters of the Sexual Revolution


The winning cast of DAUGHTERS (l to rt) Michael Selkirk, Christine Verleny, Laurie Schroeder and Greg Oliver Bodine

Smart and evocative, with an amazing cast staged on a set that captures the world, Dana Leslie Goldstein’s play, Daughters of the Sexual Revolution, tells the story of two traditional Connecticut housewives who become romantically involved in the year of the Bicentennial.  At first it seems they do it because mores have changed, and they can.  Yet over time their relationship becomes the catalyst that uncovers the truth about their marriages and the choices they made.  Most compelling is the storyline of the daughter, a college freshman who takes the freedom of her sexual and career choices in stride.  Not quite appreciating the grueling work it took from the women who came before her.  Even so, in the play Joyce tells her daughter that she, too, at one time will have to compromise.  Now, almost four decades later “rules” are gone and we have so many choices.  But is there a thing as having too many?  As an institution, is marriage now stronger or weaker in terms of most couples longevity?


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