Laura Hirschberg Climbs New Heights with VERONA WALLS

Laura has always been interested in Shakespeare, but she confesses to being fascinated with the character of Mercutio — Romeo’s best friend.

“He enters with the explosive Queen Mab speech, wins our hearts with his wit and charm, and is the first casualty of Shakespeare’s tragic love story,” says the playwright, who has a BA from Harvard in English and American Lit.  “I wrote this play because I wanted to discover what events led to Mercutio’s apparent disillusionment with love, and found there could only ever be one answer: a broken heart.”

She also says it’s worth noting that Mercutios tend to steal the show in whatever version of R&J you come across, be it Harold Perrineau in the Baz Luhrman movie or Russ Tamblyn in West Side Story.  Does that mean we can expect WorkShop’s, Matt Antar, to walk away with the upcoming 3-Day concert read of her new play VERONA WALLS, November 20, 21 and 22 in the Jewel Box Theater?

It’s Free and Open to the Public!  So come on down and find out!

laura Playwright Laura Hirschberg


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