RKG: In Regard to “Jacob Marley”

Associate Managing Director, our own RKG, shares a few thoughts on being “Jacob Marley” in WorkShop Theater’s beautiful and new A Christmas Carol that opened last night on the Main Stage.

“It’s actually the chance to play the two polar ends of the Jungian emotional spectrum.  Fear and Joy.  Jacob Marley is terrified that his effort will go for naught, and feels he must terrorize Scrooge to shake him out of his complacency.  And the Ghost of Christmas Present literally brings the joyous spirit of Christmas to the play.  This excites me so much about the incredible track I’ve been given… not to mention playing five or so other very colorful characters in the story.”                                                 

—– Richard Kent Green, Actor, A Christmas Carol

RKG as Jacob Marley

                         RKG as Jacob Marley


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