The Scrooge in All of Us? Guest Artist Joseph DiSalle Shares Insights from Playing Scrooge

“Christmas comes at the end of the year which makes it a time to reflect back and look forward, while trying to live in the moment.  It’s in this regard I struggle a great deal with the Scrooge that hides within, and why this story is most gratifying, because it’s basically a message of hope for evolution in the human spirit.  It’s also a message made exquisitely lyrical by this show’s conceivers, Goldsmith and Tilford.  

So as this season begins I’m reminded that “Mankind IS My Business!”  And even though Dickens wrote those words so very long ago, in a mystical way they still serve as a source of inspiration and of courage.”        

— Joseph DiSalle, Actor, A Christmas Carol    

Joseph DiSalle as Scrooge: Confronted by the Ghost of Christmas Past

Joseph DiSalle as Scrooge with the Ghost of Christmas Past


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