Playwright Jennifer Fell Hayes Tells How She Came to Write MOTHER’S DAY

“Mother’s Day was inspired by a true story I heard at a dinner party in Yorkshire several years ago. Very touched and struck by the story, I asked the friend who told it if he could possibly put me in touch with the woman it was about. We met for tea and I said I wanted to write a play about her, explaining it would not be a documentary and there’d be a lot of fiction mixed in with the truth. She was very pleased, and became the inspiration on which the main character of Rosemary is based. I later met another woman upon whom the character of Hilda is based. After that, the two women came to lunch and talked while I took notes.

Playwright, Jennifer Fell Hayes

“I then had to figure out the shape and arc of the play and where it needed to begin!  The revelatory scene that so moved me when I first heard the story – and is also the kernel of the piece – actually came near the beginning of the play.  Not further in… as I’d originally thought.  That said, the most absolutely anxious part of process was when I finished and had sent a copy of the play to each lady.  I worried they would not like it as I had changed a lot and, of course, invented a lot too.  Not to mention they were not used to reading plays.  This may have been their first, and they each had to read it a couple of times.  But they both loved it!  So I was happy.  And I am now exceedingly happy for this next step of hearing the piece read aloud by a terrific cast at my upcoming 3-Day at WorkShop Theater under the excellent direction of Kathy Gail MacGowan.  Please join me.  See you there!”
— Story told by Jennifer Fell Hayes, Playwright, Mother’s Day

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