Emma Lesser Gets Props as WorkShop’s Intern on A LA CARTE


Emma out front before the show begins.

So you’re a college student, Emma?  What’s your major?  I am a sophomore at Sarah Lawrence.  We don’t have majors but I am mostly studying theater.

How did you find out about becoming an intern at WorkShop?  I found out about the workshop theater through two members of the theater; Liz Amberly (a family friend) and Bill Tatum (my neighbor).

How’d you get all the props? I got props mostly at second hand stores and from tj maxx. I also got many props, especially period pieces, from workshop theater members.

Are you having fun? I am loving this experience more than I can write. The theater company is great and I have learned so much doing this. I am mostly and actress and I have gained a huge appreciation for behind the scenes work.


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