Theater Scene Review for A LA CARTE is Hot


Robert Bruce McIntosh and Desirée Matthews in a scene from “The Incredible Egg” by Laurie Graff (Photo credit: Gerry Goodstein)

A la Carte: A Feast of New Plays is a presentation of The Workshop Theater’s leading playwrights that consists of six short plays, all with the theme of food.  Most of the works are comic though some are very moving.  The styles all vary but the level of writing of each is solid, and contains interesting situations and characters. Cumulatively it’s an entertaining program that gives a wonderful showcase to the excellent cast of actors that have been assembled to portray these often rich roles.  READ WHOLE REVIEW HERE


Mary Ruth Baggott and Susan Izatt in a scene from “Eat Dessert First” By Dana Leslie Goldstein (Photo credit: Gerry Goodstein)


Joe Boover and Cody Keown in a scene from “Popcorn” by Scott C. Sickles (Photo credit: Gerry Goodstein)


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