Cody Keown – His Kip Melts Hearts Like Buttah in POPCORN

Actor, Cody Keown, is no stranger to WorkShop Theater Company. As Kip, in “Popcorn,” his performance melts the audience’s heart like buttah! Let’s hear what Cody says about it: 

So how’d you get involved with WorkShop? I got involved through “A Christmas Carol” this past winter! I loved doing the show and working for the theatre. So from then on I kept auditioning for things here and then auditions for “A La Carte” came up and here we are!!

Cody Keown as Kip in Scott C Sickles' play POPCORN

Cody Keown as Kip in Scott C Sickles’ play “Popcorn”

What attracted you to the role of Kip? Well on page he’s very innocent and sufficiently awkward in his own charming way and I used to be very much like him in that sense…okay okay, I am still extremely awkward. He also has a very interesting journey in this play (major kudos to Scott for writing it so wonderfully).

What was most challenging about creating Kip? Probably the moment he comes out to his brother. I’ve had to come out to everyone in my life before and it can be pretty scary. You don’t know how people are going to take it. So living that moment on stage always hits close to home.

What’s it like working with the Boover? Working with Joe has been a blast! He’s an extremely talented guy. He’s very trusting and quick on his feet and it’s great to have someone to play off of like that. Same goes for Susan by the way! She may only be in a few minutes of “Popcorn” but she really lives it up and makes it that much better. Performing it in front of an audience (to me) is…a fine line that goes back and forth between exciting and scary. It’s a very funny play and I have a lot of fun doing it but it’s also pretty intimate at times. So it’s interesting to see how the audience is going to react and if they’re willing to take this ride with us.


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