Defending Your Craft: WorkShopper Shares her Skills with Attorneys

It’s not all LA Law or Perry Mason!  The Bronx Defender’s Academy, a training intensive for mostly public defenders to sharpen their skills in the courtroom, is also a group of lawyers who love the arts.  And they understand the value of working with acting and vocal coaches and storytellers to help them connect with clients and jurors and be truly effective in the courtroom.

Would you trust this woman to be on your jury?

Would you trust this woman to be on your jury?

Our own Jody Prussan, a talented actress and personal manager, learned of the group through an email originally posted through WorkShop Theater and was paid to participate in a mock trial.  She says:

“I was sent my case, my character and a link to the testimonies. It was a lot to read and I had a concern that I would not remember all the information. I found it very interesting and overwhelming, and I have a new respect for lawyers and our legal system. Once I was brought to my work-out session I understood that it was not about my getting all the facts correct and memorizing, but more about being in the room improvising and allowing the law students to learn how to cross and question. Then it became fun. I was asked to stay in character and responded accordingly, it was a very positive and creative experience.”

If anyone wants to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, feel free to reach out to Brian Voelcker at


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