Check Out Behind the Scenes – Kudos to Mick, Tim, Margo, Jed and Heather

A new season begins and the prop closet and the dressing room need to be cleaned as a new show needs to be built and loaded in.  Well.  Who’s going to do all that?!  For starters, Heather Massie and Jed Dickson both volunterred with the MFTA pick-up and were immensely helpful.  Margo Hammond, who also loaned a hand, shows some of what went on with shots she took from behind the scenes. Check it out and come on down and get involved!

Mick's cleanup

Mick’s Clean-Up

Mick Bleyer (left) cleaning out the storage room makes a pretty neat shelf!

Tim Harris (below) built our two theaters and lobby, from scratch.  Just sayin’.

Here he is loading in and building the set for the next show.

Strong Man Tim

Strong Man Tim

Tim's the man

Tim’s the Man

Tim's Blurry Moment

Tim’s Blurry Moment

Tim Harris load in

Tim Harris Load In

Tim's Lumbering

Tim’s Lumbering


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