Director Alex Dmitriev and Why He Believes in BELIEVERS

Every play is a collaboration and Alex Dmitriev, director of several celebrated Off-Broadway productions, was a believer from the start.  Here’s a little behind the scenes of what Alex will bring to the Main Stage as the director of Ken Jaworowski’s BELIEVERS:

Director Alex Dmitriev on the set of BELIEVERS

Director Alex Dmitriev on the set of BELIEVERS

Q.  What attracted to you to the piece?
A.  Ken is a good writer and he takes you places you don’t expect. When I was given this script to consider doing for a 3-day reading, I was immediately impressed with Ken”s story-telling.
Q.  In what was has it changed during the directorial process?
A.  The play hasn’t changed much during rehearsals. Ken and I talked through it and I made suggestions regarding lines that might be cut or changed. So, the script we are working from is complete for our current purposes. The trick now is getting the story on the to a living, breathing theatrical experience.  That entails finding how the scenes best play on their feet.
Q.  What is the challenge in directing different actors to play the same characters at different life stages?
A.  There is a 20-year gap between the two versions of the couple and what they are dealing with is quite different.  I think we are all pretty different from our younger selves and so the concentration here is to make each scene true to who the characters given the circumstances.
Q.  What do you want audiences to take away?
A.  This is a tough play. The choice the older version of the characters make can be very upsetting to some people.  Life can be a hard road. Not all our dreams come true. What we think of as the best can turn out to be the worst.  Believing doesn’t make it so. Whatever we do believe can be either a safe harbor or a dead end.  I would hope the audiences come away with an appreciation of what Ken has written and empathy for what has happened.


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