Hear ye! The Richard Easton Master Class Dec 5th Courtesy of Will’s Playshop

Charles E Gerber is both proud and excited to announce The Richard Easton Master Class December 5th in the Jewel Box.  

Says Charles:

Class shall start at 10:00 A. M and dear Mr. Easton will join us from 11:00 to 1:00P.M. where he shall shall read from his Shakespeare memoirs and take questions from those attending.  Then we’ll read some favorite scenes with him, as we have in the past.

Should friends and associates wish to join us please have them contact me at  cegerber@workshoptheater.org to reserve their seat.  We ask for a $25 donation to be made out to WorkShop Theater Company, or brought that day in cash. Those enrolled pay nothing extra.

We shall display our pleasure and gratitude to Mr. Easton’s generosity by being the  stimulating and highly capable players he’s come to expect from us!  He’s also allowing me to take him out to lunch afterwards to that new Italian place that has a favorite Shakespearean name, Bianca!

“O, Esperance!”



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