Meet Romeo of Verona Walls

AIbEiAIAAABECPCXrrTh-5TcqgEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKig3YWNjODE2ZGYzMTA4MzY2MTA0NDAzNDM3MDAzMzhhMDRjMzUyZmRhMAG87W4au0dj60BrfRKX_7hWUJw2xg.jpegJacob Owen, fresh off  F*ck it club on #julys by Sam Lahne, was also a part of Everyday Inferno’s and Laura Hirschberg’s Heart of Oak at Frigid Festival 2015.  Let’s see what he has to say about playing Romeo Montague… while he is still searching for love.

Q.  How does the setting of the story influence your character?
A. The setting impacts Romeo’s story very strongly. We are set in Verona, his hometown, moments before he meets his purpose for living. The cobblestone side walks, the lowly lit bars, the birds when their songs may not have been so sweet, are all given to us by Shakespeare and Hirschberg. The setting is an important player in this piece
Q.  What do you see as Romeo’s central conflict?
A. Romeo’s central conflict is: To love to fight or fight to love? Born into a feud older than the idea of his conception he is forced to swim in a sea of hateful, spiteful, ignorant violence between his family, and another, the Capulet’s. Romeo is longing to live for something bigger than himself, a message that will define why he lived and inform others as they live. That isn’t always easy when you are living it.
Q.  Without a spoiler alert, Romeo will change over the course of the play.  How is that change exciting to you as an actor?
A. Romeo will come to terms with time. He will notice and feel the shift of how and why he lives after he meets Juliet. From being a puppy on a hardwood floor, to the heartbroken-open carrion fly who is longing for just a second for their lips to touch. The change is exciting, because I have come to know and love Romeo through his love for Juliet, now I am getting to ask and answer questions that will help me get to know parts of Romeo that have never been available before.
Q.  What similarities do you see between you and your character?
A. We both chose love in the face of adversity. Also I feel like we both want to give ourselves over to something more powerful and meaningful than our own flesh and bones.

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