Fair Verona, Indeed!

What People Are Saying About VERONA WALLS:

Hey Gang,
Charles E., here, with the happy report of last night’s opening of our latest Main Stage Offering:”VERONA WALLS”. Laura Hirschberg has provided us all with a truly courageous, inventive, humorous, and wit-filled adventure in a re-exploration of one of Shakespeare’s seminal creations, MERCUTIO. She introduces a highly provocative backstory to his character, relationships, and fated outcome and does so with linguistic skill and a joyous unbridled use of iconography. DeLisa M. White has staged it all with a keen intelligence and swift metronome.The cast is uniformly excellent and the crew’s high worth is instantly self-evident. I entreat you all to get thee to this New-Walled Verona, poste-haste and bring the immediate WORLD!
I feel truly proud to deliver this unto you.

VERILY, as well as Fraternally Yours,
Charles E. Gerber
Founding Member



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