Already Missing Bob Manus

Hard to believe that Thomas wrote this missive today:

Hi everyone,

For those of you who have not heard, it is with tremendous sadness that I have to inform you that we have lost the one and only Bob Manus.  Details are still emerging, but his sudden passing seems to have been from natural causes.

MAD MEN _0022

Bob Manus telling a story as only he knew how.

This one hurts so much.  Bob was one of my best friends for the last 20 years, and I know he was best friends for so many others we know and love.  He was a presence, and he made an impression on all of us.  Probably everyone that reads this has a Bob story to tell, even if you just passed him in the hall on the 4th floor.   Obviously, he was a deeply funny man, and I’ve lost count how many times he made laugh until I was begging him to stop.   The absolute joy he could wring out of the silliest of situations was a singular gift, and one that I hope all of us will treasure and remember.

There will be more to share and celebrate in the coming weeks as we process this loss, but for now I leave you with a Bob quote that brings a smile to my face.

“Well, I . . . .”





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