Lisa R. Stafford  recently kept all the balls in the air with her incredible work stage managing the WorkShop production of The Astonishing Times of Timothy Cratchit. Some of her favorite regional credits include The Phantom of the Opera, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and Miss Saigon.

We are lucky to have Lisa back as the Production Stage Manager of Through the Darkness, and asked her about the play and how she got to stage manage in the first place.

HS 1.jpg

Lisa R. Stafford, Production Stage Manager


“I began stage managing in high school, due to a wonderful theatre teacher who believed that all of his actors at our arts magnet school should also have experience in technical theatre. I love stage managing for some of the same reasons that I enjoyed teaching theatre. I love working with people! But one of my favorite parts of stage managing new works like Through the Darkness, is the opportunity to watch the piece change and grow through the process.

Leslie (Kincaid Burby, director Through the Darkness) sent me the script to read which I found powerful. For me, the stories flow so naturally that you find yourself pulled into the piece quickly.

Through the Darkness is such an important piece in today’s environment. These characters represent what can happen when society allows its leaders to use fear and negativity in the name of change to make decisions that harm everyone. As a former educator, I feel strongly that we as theatre artists should be a voice for those who are harmed or oppressed by these poor decisions. I think that we also have an obligation to teach our young people about mistakes that have been made in the past so that they do not make the same or similar mistakes as they become our future leaders. For me, Through the Darkness is a cautionary tale and, I hope,  not prophetic.”



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