Two More Times to Catch HEDY

2017 Planet Connection Theatre Festivity presents the NYC return of

HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr 

 A True Story of Hollywood Glamour and Scientific Genius

 Written and Performed by Heather Massie

“In Lily Tomlin-esque fashion … Massie channels the iconic star … vividly yet matter-of-factly, and often very humorously … In a balance of high energy and poise, Heather Massie is no less than captivating.”— The Huffington Post

“Richly realized. Both convincingly real and larger than life … she has us thoroughly swept up.”— Blogcritics Magazine

“Highly entertaining … compelling and humorous … considerable elegance and skill.” – Splash Magazine 

“Lively and enlightening … engaging performance.” – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Heather Massie has created a tribute to this amazing woman … And she does it well.” – OffBrwy

“Gorgeous … Heather Massie is the image of Hedy Lamarr.” – Total Theater

“Fantastic … A truly remarkable performance.” — Andy B Sports

“Remarkable … I congratulate chameleon Heather Massie.” – Theatre in the Now


Hedy Lamarr, glamorous siren of the silver screen, was more than the most beautiful woman in the world. She invented frequency hopping and spread spectrum technology that make the world of wireless communication tick. From Austria to Hollywood, WWII, torpedoes, ecstasy, and intrigue to the very cell phone in your pocket, she was there!

Sun June 18 @ 5:00 PM

Tue June 20 @ 7:15 PM

Sat June 24 @ 9:30 PM

Tue June 27 @ 7:00 PM

Thur June 29 @ 7:00 PM

Fri June 30 @ 5:15 PM

The LaTea Theater at The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC

bet. Rivington & Delancy Sts on the Lower East Side

 Show Website:

Tickets: $18 at or (866)811-4111

Direct Ticketing Link:

Benefiting the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum’s GOALS for Girls Program –

Outstanding Actress in a Staged Reading – 2016 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, NYC

Bestseller – 2016 United Solo Festival, NYC

Best Actress – 2017 SaraSolo Festival, Sarasota, FL

Official Selection – 2017 Divafest, Indianapolis, IN

Inaugural Artist-in-Residence – Grange Hall Cultural Center, Waterbury Center, VT

Audience Choice Award – 2017 Shenandoah Fringe, Staunton, VA

HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr explores the life, inventions and person of Hedy Lamarr, Viennese-born Hollywood film star of the 1930s-1950s. Known as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Hedy Lamarr stored away knowledge of munitions while married to Austrian arms dealer, Fritz Mandl. She employed this knowledge to support the US Navy’s war effort during WWII by inventing The Secret Communication System with composer George Antheil, to make torpedoes more accurate. Also referred to as Frequency Hopping or Spread Spectrum Technology, her invention is used today in cell phones, WiFi, CDMA, GPS, Bluetooth and a myriad of other wireless systems.

Artistic Team

Writer, Producer, Solo Performer – Heather Massie

Artistic Consultation & Direction – Blake Walton

Artistic Consultation – Leslie Kincaid Burby

Projection Design – Jim Marlowe & Charles Marlowe

Lighting Design – Alex Moore

Sound Design – Jacob Subotnick

Dialect Coach – Page Clements

Board Operator – Richard Kent Green

House Management – Maureen O’Boyle, Maayan Schneider

Production Assistant – Maureen O’Boyle

Technical Assistant – Dan Leary

Image Photo – Al Foote III

Image Collage – David Chance

Press Rep – Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment

Advertising – Roger Gonzalez

Social Media & Outreach – Veronique Ory


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