Chekhov Dreams Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE

John McKinney writes:

Hey, all,

This weekend marks the launch of our much-promoted(!) Indiegogo campaign for The Chekhov Dreams and I’m hoping you can take a moment to click this link and take a tour!

In lieu of the usual pitch video you’ll be treated to a short film, “The Obsession,” featuring Leslie Kincaid Burby, Michael Gnat and myself, among others. It is our attempt at giving you an entertaining experience as we expect to do when producing the play.

Make no mistake, though.  Behind the lighthearted video is a very urgent need for your help!

As many of you know, The Chekhov Dreams was a Workshop project for several years and even scored a couple of NYIT nominations during its development. It has since matured even more and has become, in my opinion, anyway, a more modern and current play than ever.  And with your help, we’re planning to give it a world premiere at the Beckett Theater in January.  Leslie will once again do the honors of directing.

However, the costs for mounting a show at an Off-Broadway space like the Beckett are obscene.  Ticket revenues, combined with a modest grant and the liquidation of my own personal bank account will only cover 2/3 of total expenses.  Which means we are depending on you, our potential audience, to help us with the remaining third. If we don’t get it, the production simply won’t happen.

So when you click on the link, I hope you enjoy our little film, as I hope you have enjoyed our promo (you’ll find other funny promos, as well as more info about the play at but I also hope you will take a moment to consider making a donation and help to us keep our own ‘Dream’ alive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for allowing me to reach out.  As fellow artists I’m sure you can understand it’s not easy to ask for help, but I hope you will consider supporting our cause.


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