ROSEMARY AND TIME Feb 2-17 at the Paradise Factory Theater

Isn’t it great when a play that originated at WorkShop Theater continues  on to have a bigger life?

Jennifer (Fell) Hayes’ play, Rosemary and Time – originally titled Mother’s Day – was developed at Workshop under the guidance of Scott C. Sickles, will be presented at the Paradise Factory Theatre, Main Stage, on East 4th Street February 2nd – February 17th.  It is directed by fantastic Workshop member Kathy Gail MacGowan! And the wonderful Virginia Roncetti and Jane Lincoln Taylor, also a Workshop members, play main parts.

The play is based on a true story Jennifer heard in England several years ago, and moves from 1942 – the late 1970’s. A new character, Ghost of Ruby, now haunts the play! And  two terrific little girls play the young selves of the two main characters.

Please come and support your fellow Workshop members! Jennifer Fell Hayes would be so thrilled to see you there!

For more information please visit:

Please feel free to check out the press release:


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