Two More Times to Catch HEDY

2017 Planet Connection Theatre Festivity presents the NYC return of

HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr 

 A True Story of Hollywood Glamour and Scientific Genius

 Written and Performed by Heather Massie

“In Lily Tomlin-esque fashion … Massie channels the iconic star … vividly yet matter-of-factly, and often very humorously … In a balance of high energy and poise, Heather Massie is no less than captivating.”— The Huffington Post

“Richly realized. Both convincingly real and larger than life … she has us thoroughly swept up.”— Blogcritics Magazine

“Highly entertaining … compelling and humorous … considerable elegance and skill.” – Splash Magazine 

“Lively and enlightening … engaging performance.” – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Heather Massie has created a tribute to this amazing woman … And she does it well.” – OffBrwy

“Gorgeous … Heather Massie is the image of Hedy Lamarr.” – Total Theater

“Fantastic … A truly remarkable performance.” — Andy B Sports

“Remarkable … I congratulate chameleon Heather Massie.” – Theatre in the Now


Hedy Lamarr, glamorous siren of the silver screen, was more than the most beautiful woman in the world. She invented frequency hopping and spread spectrum technology that make the world of wireless communication tick. From Austria to Hollywood, WWII, torpedoes, ecstasy, and intrigue to the very cell phone in your pocket, she was there!

Sun June 18 @ 5:00 PM

Tue June 20 @ 7:15 PM

Sat June 24 @ 9:30 PM

Tue June 27 @ 7:00 PM

Thur June 29 @ 7:00 PM

Fri June 30 @ 5:15 PM

The LaTea Theater at The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC

bet. Rivington & Delancy Sts on the Lower East Side

 Show Website:

Tickets: $18 at or (866)811-4111

Direct Ticketing Link:

Benefiting the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum’s GOALS for Girls Program –

Outstanding Actress in a Staged Reading – 2016 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, NYC

Bestseller – 2016 United Solo Festival, NYC

Best Actress – 2017 SaraSolo Festival, Sarasota, FL

Official Selection – 2017 Divafest, Indianapolis, IN

Inaugural Artist-in-Residence – Grange Hall Cultural Center, Waterbury Center, VT

Audience Choice Award – 2017 Shenandoah Fringe, Staunton, VA

HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr explores the life, inventions and person of Hedy Lamarr, Viennese-born Hollywood film star of the 1930s-1950s. Known as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Hedy Lamarr stored away knowledge of munitions while married to Austrian arms dealer, Fritz Mandl. She employed this knowledge to support the US Navy’s war effort during WWII by inventing The Secret Communication System with composer George Antheil, to make torpedoes more accurate. Also referred to as Frequency Hopping or Spread Spectrum Technology, her invention is used today in cell phones, WiFi, CDMA, GPS, Bluetooth and a myriad of other wireless systems.

Artistic Team

Writer, Producer, Solo Performer – Heather Massie

Artistic Consultation & Direction – Blake Walton

Artistic Consultation – Leslie Kincaid Burby

Projection Design – Jim Marlowe & Charles Marlowe

Lighting Design – Alex Moore

Sound Design – Jacob Subotnick

Dialect Coach – Page Clements

Board Operator – Richard Kent Green

House Management – Maureen O’Boyle, Maayan Schneider

Production Assistant – Maureen O’Boyle

Technical Assistant – Dan Leary

Image Photo – Al Foote III

Image Collage – David Chance

Press Rep – Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment

Advertising – Roger Gonzalez

Social Media & Outreach – Veronique Ory


Please come see the work of 6 talented playwrights and 4 wonderful actors in a festival where Kathy directs all six!
Staged Readings of New Short Plays
JULY 8th @ 7:30 p.m.   and JULY 9th @ 2 p.m.
PLEASE RSVP to or call 212-925-2812
RUNNING TIME  (90 Minutes)
PLAYWRIGHTS: Daniel Damiano, Kelley Nicole Girod, Joe Hoover, S.J.;Kimberly Kalaja, Laura Pittenger, Emily C.A. Snyder
ACTING COMPANY:  *Tandy Cronyn, *Michael Markham, *Lucy McMichael & *Celestine Rae


Cast of COMPOSURE Takes a Bow

Don’t miss COMPOSURE on the Main Stage 

written by Scott C. Sickles

directed by Fritz Brekeller

It was supposed to be a casual fling.

When Fletcher Driscoll returned to his hometown to direct Romeo and Juliet, he never expected to end up in his own star-crossed romance with Jeff, a recently out divorcé with a complicated past. Nor was he prepared to confront Tommy, his high school best friend who broke his heart…. repeatedly and on purpose. Fortunately Fletcher and Jeff are keeping it simple, so what could possibly go wrong?

A powerful drama about the resonance of loss, Composure is for everyone who has ever loved the wrong person and worries that it’s too late to find the right one.

Director Fritz Brekeller is an Emmy Award-winner for One Life to Live. Playwright Scott C. Sickles currently writes for General Hospital for which he has received multiple Emmy nominations and three Writers Guild of America Awards.

Thursday, June 8 – 7pm and talkback with the playwright afterwards
Friday, June 9 – 7pm
Saturday, June 10 – 8pm
Sunday, June 11 – 3pm

Thursday, June 15 – 7pm
Friday, June 16 – 7pm
Saturday, June 17 – 8pm
Sunday, June 18 – 3pm

Wednesday, June 21 – 7pm
Thursday, June 22 – 7pm
Friday, June 23 -7pm
Saturday, June 24 – 8pm


CK Allen
Robert Bruce McIntosh*
Rob Ventre*
Christine Verleny
Susan Izatt*
Cliff Miller* (6/1-21)
J. Warren Weber* (6/22-24)

* Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Playwright Jack Feldstein’s Anything But ORDINARY This Summer on the East End

The pb317bd_b70102cec85743dd984effdde96bd143~mv2rolific Jack Feldstein will have his delightful one-act, ORDINARY, on the bill of the EAST END FRINGE FESTIVAL beginning July 24.

Welcome to the world of Fringe, where selected playwrights bring fully-cast and stage-ready shows to present to our audience.

Coming to Long Island’s beautiful East End this summer, you are invited to enjoy an engaging collection of new and exciting original plays, our Project Poetry evening,our fast paced TheaterExpress under the stars, the New Orleans Jazz brunch and more all set in and around Riverhead’s historic Vail-Leavitt Music Hall.

Tickets now on sale.  For program details and more, visit Events & Tickets 

We look forward to seeing you in July 2017!

Why Robert Bruce McIntosh Just Can’t Get Enough COMPOSURE!

Robert Bruce McIntosh has engaged and enchanted audiences with his wonderful portrayals in lead roles in Hamlet, Manly Men Doing Manly Things, The Incredible Egg, The Suicide and The Angry Young Man, a modern Misanthrope.  Rob also teaches Acting, Playwriting and Theatre History at Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts in Times Square. He now tells us about his role as Fletcher Driscoll, who returns to his hometown to direct a production of “Romeo and Juliet” and winds up in his own star-crossed drama with the recently divorced Jeff who works at the college where he is doing the show. 

WS: In your opinion… why COMPOSURE, why now?

I think this play does a wonderful job of presenting the challenges of falling in love with another person when you’ve still got tons of baggage of your own to deal with.  I love that, while the central characters happen to be gay, their struggles aren’t solely related to their identify, but are universal struggles of trust and commitment faced by any two people trying to make a relationship work.  That said, in the current political climate, I think it is also important to tell stories where LGBTQ characters are front and center, presented as well rounded, complicated people whose humanity and rights to respect and love can’t be denied

WS: What is the most challenging thing for you about playing Fletcher?

Well, the most obvious difference between Fletcher and me is that he is gay and I’m not.  You might think that that would be the most challenging aspect of the role, but as it turns out, it is not at all difficult to fall in love with CK Allen.  He is a wonderful actor and an all around amazing human being and he made it very easy to build an honest and intimate relationship between our characters.  Also, Scott and Fritz made it very clear that they were not interested in Fletcher being a stereotype in any way, so the fact that I happen to be straight wasn’t seen as an obstacle.  Probably the most difficult thing was grappling with the relationship with Tommy.  Without giving too much away, Fletcher is recovering from an abusive relationship with someone he has very conflicted feelings about.  I spent a lot of time working to understand what makes a person stick around in a relationship that is abusive and demeaning, but which also gives them more intimacy and feeling of belonging than they get anywhere else.  I still feel like I’m figuring it out, but then so is Fletcher, so I think that’s OK.

WS: You’re a very talented actor who also works with theater students. Has that at all influenced your character? If so, how?

Fletcher happens to be a director working with college students on a production of Romeo and Juliet, so certainly my teaching experience comes in handy in the moments when I am addressing my imaginary “cast”.  I have enough experience working with young actors that it is easy to bring that teacher/director aspect of myself to the role.  More than that, it has been an interesting challenge to personally apply the lessons I teach in my acting classes to my own work in rehearsal.  I actually shared a monologue from Composure (slightly rewritten) in my New Play Production class as part of a lesson on creating emotional connection with a character.  It was exciting and scary to put myself on the spot in front of my students, but it opened the door for many of them to go deeper in their own work so I’m glad I went there.

WS: What do you want to see really land with audiences? 

It is important to me that the audience believes and cares about the relationship between Fletcher and Jeff.  If they are rooting for us and want these two complicated men to find a way to find each other, then I feel like we’ve done our job.  I also hope that we are dealing honestly with the emotional complexity of recovery from an abusive relationship.  I know some in our audience may have experienced something comparable in their own lives, and I hope that our portrayal feels truthful and respects their experience.  If someone in the audience feels their own life and struggles reflected in the lives of the characters on stage, then hopefully it will provide some sense of acknowledgment and of not being alone in the struggle.

WS: Why did you become an actor?  

When I was a junior in high school, my parents took me to see a touring production of Camelot.  I vividly remember how astonished I was to realize that these people got to spend their time telling that story again and again, in city after city, all over the country. It seemed like magic to me.  I knew I wanted a part of it, so I tried out for my high school production of Oklahoma, got a part and never looked back.  I have always loved the creative process, working and reworking moments to make them feel as natural and spontaneously real as possible, even though obviously they are also artificial and rehearsed.  Something about working with the stuff of life, true human experience, interaction and emotion, is endlessly challenging and exciting to me.  It engages my whole person as an actor, a director and a teacher.  I can’t get enough of it.

Meet MAISY! Margo Hammond’s Wonderful Play Tonight

Our 3-day reading of Maisy, by Margo Hammond, directed by Alex Dmitriev, starts tomorrow night. It will be held on Thursday, May 18, Friday, May 19, and Saturday, May 20, all at 7pm.

There will be a talkback after the Thursday performance.  Reservations are at

Please join us, and share in a boatload of talent!

Mary Wilson*

Charles E. Gerber*

Tim Barker*

Leslie Gwyn*

Galen Murphy-Hoffman*

Ben Sumrall*

Anne Fizzard*

Jackie Jenkins*

Michael Gnat*

Come on down and see it!