“Verona Walls” Terrifically Entertaining!

From our own amazing RKG:

Highest praises go to Laura Hirschberg, for crafting a splendid mash-up of Elizabethan and modern speech, idiom and custom. One particular scene of awkward, impossible, love-at-first-sight terror is worth the price of admission alone.

DeLisa M. White’s fast-paced, skilled and playful direction enhances an immensely talented cast’s rendering of teenage angst and coming-of-age through trials of tragic love and familial feuding.

Jeff Paul’s musical arrangements, accompanied by a lone guitar, a few percussion instruments, or sung a capella, keep the smooth flow of rhythm going and remind us of the eternal nature of our humanity – post-modern millennials are one with 17th century youth.

Connor Munion’s versatile yet specific settings and Scot Gianelli’s subtle and handsome lighting conjure magical places for love – and other passions – to bloom.

Kimberley Windbiel’s costumes and Leslie Kincaid Burby’s props complete the spell.

See it soon, so you might add your voice to the chorus of kudos – and invite friends, family and loved ones – it’s a perfect spring dating event!


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